Premium rubber, practical cap-less design, awesome dual-functionality – it has to be the Classic Wristband USB Flash Drive.

Who picks this model?

This Wristband Flash Drive is a favourite for schools, universities and festivals as well as many others. What better way to promote your brand than by handing out a customised bracelet USB Flash Drive? Whether you want to hand them out with an awesome new album uploaded or a brochure on the undergraduate course you have available, these dual functioning flash drives are sure to go down a storm!

How do they feel in your hand?

In hand they’re light and tactile. Made from a premium rubber with an ultra light weight USB chipset they feel just like a regular bracelet. The print area is modest, we’re talking 28 x 8 mm but you’re going to have your clients literally wearing your design so it packs a seriously good punch when it comes to promotional USBs.

What makes this Model different?

It’s the dual functionality and the flexible rubber casing that really make these Wrist band memory sticks stand out. With the USB connector being hidden within the joining point of the bracelet you get a seamless practical solution to your USB needs. We tend to ship our wristband flash drives in higher quantities than say a wood or metal USB, I guess that’s with the view of these being handed out on mass. Similar to a model like the Aluminium Swivel.

The last word

These Drives are worth considering for anyone looking to market their brand in a fun and unique way. They’re ultra durable and light weight. Available with 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB memory chips and in a whole range of awesome colours. Start your Custom Wristband USB Flash Drive Project today!

The Specs

Product Materials: Rubber

 Dimensions: 220 x 24 x 10 mm

Colour Printing

Imprint Area:

Front Side 28 x 8 mm