Smooth organic wood, practical cap-less design – it has to be the Wood Twist USB Flash Drive.

Who picks this model?

The Wood Twist USB Flash Drive is unsurprisingly one of our most popular models, combining the natural classy feel of wood with the practicality of a cap-less twister design. Like most wood USB sticks these are a favourite for photographers along with a whole host of “not so corporate” companies. These Drives are often ordered with a larger than average memory chip and partnered with custom printed USB packaging.

How do they feel in your hand?

Size wise the Wood Twist Flash Drive is mid-range and surprisingly light weight. Available printed or engraved on each side of the outer casing we find it is the tactile nature of an engraved Wooden Flash Drive that is most popular.

What makes this Model different?

It is the winning combination of quality wood with the practical nature of a capless twister. Once these drives have been elegantly customized to your liking they really are a thing of beauty. At 40 x 26 mm they have a particularly large printing or engraving area, one of the largest on the market in fact.

The last word

Customised Wood USB Flash Drives are a favourite for photographers, businesses and of course wedding organizers (particularly those brides looking to present their wedding pics in a truly special way) among many others. Combine all of the above with the ever practical nature of a capless outer casing and you have an unbeatable combination. Available in four different shades ranging from Light Wood to Dark Wood these Wooden Memory Sticks could be exactly what you are after.

Wood Twister USB Flash Drive

The Specs

Product Materials: Wood

 Dimensions: 68 x 28 x 10 mm

Colour Printing

Laser Engrave

Imprint Area:

Front Side 40 x 26 mm

Reverse Side 40 x 26 mm