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    • For a Custom Mold Quote please fill out our Form.

      What is a Custom Mold USB Flash Drive?
      It is a uniquely shaped rubber housed drive that YOU design and here’s an example.

      We can supply tonnes of different colours, all the usual memory sizes and of course the world renowned Project USB support and guidance… that and a seriously low price.

      Please remember to include an image of what you are after. It can be something as basic as a text logo or a car or a person – the choice is yours!
      We need the dimensions, for instance; 50 x 20 x 20 mm.
      We also need to know if you would like part of the design to function as a cap. For instance if you wanted a human shaped custom mold maybe the head could be the cap (covering the USB connector).

      *Alternatively email your request direct to:
      sales @

    Full Custom Mold

    This weeks ‘Model of the week’ is a little different. Today we’re profiling the ‘Full Custom Mold’ USB Flash Drive.

    It makes sense to start off by explaining a few of the similarities between a regular Custom Branded Flash Drive and a Full Custom Mold Flash Drive. Here goes!

    Memory size options are generally the same, choose from 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

    Your postage is free across New Zealand and this applies to both regular printed/engraved USBs and your full Custom Mold Drives.

    They are both a fantastic way to promote your brand.

    Now for some of the differences.

    Rather than picking from our awesome range of regular flash drives, instead you will need to first submit an idea and an image of what you are after, the dimensions and where you want the USB connector to be – we will then create a digital mock-up from scratch.

    Of course your Project USB account manager will be there to provide the same awesome guidance and support they do on regular orders.

    Time frames, realistically a Full Custom Mold design will take significantly longer to produce than a regular order (we’re one of the fastest World Wide by the way).

    We will only be able to produce a final quote once we have an accurate design & the full dimensions and costs for full Custom Molds will be slightly higher than for regular drives.

    *These are only some of similarities & differences, if you’re unsure or need more information please contact your account manager directly or email sales @

    Who picks a Full Custom Mold USB?

    In general a custom mold design is chosen by Brands, Companies or Individuals with a specific product to promote or a logo that lends itself to being molded into a flash drive. We’ve included images of some of our personal favourites, not only from our range but across the web.

    How do they feel in your hand?

    To create our Custom Mold USBs we use a special rubber material. It’s firm but has just a tiny bit of give to it. As these memory drives come in all shapes and sizes the tactile nature will vary significantly. Your Project USB account manager will be able to assist you in selecting a size that is both comfortable for the user and friendly to your budget.

    What makes this Model different?

    All of the above! Every design is unique and if you get it right you have a flash drive solution that doesn’t just promote your brand to the recipient, these are often photographed and shared with thousands of online viewers.

    The last word

    Custom Mold Flash Drives are a real winner for the right person but they are not suited to everyone. If you feel a Custom Mold Drive is right for you then our team of experienced designers, account managers and factory specialists will help you create the ultimate Flash Drive solution.

    Custom Mold USB Flash Drive

    The Specs

    Product Materials: PVC Rubber

     Dimensions and colour: Pretty much anything goes! 

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