A best selling USB Flash Drive with a seriously premium design – Plastic Travel

Who picks this model?

It is a solid all-rounder. Popular with big corporates as well as independent photographers and musicians. The Plastic Travel model slots in the middle ground between the ever popular Aluminium Swivel and the organic Wood Classic.

Delivering a highly premium feel and a very respectably sized printing area you can be sure to get an awesome reaction from anyone who is handed this all time favourite.

How do they feel in your hand?

Medium sized with a light weight feel, the model is plastic with a few splashes of metal at the business ends. The edges are smooth and as you can see in the picture this model is keychain compatible giving it an extra functionality.

What makes this Model different?

It just feels so Premium, dare I say it more so than any other model in our range. The Pearl White and Cola Red Colour options in particular are a real hit.

To customise this model we use colour printing. We provide our clients with detailed specifications for the artwork and if required we are happy to assist with the design.

The last word

Custom USB Flash Drives are all the rage and a hugely effective marketing tool for all businesses. The Plastic Travel model in particular will have you standing out from the crowd and being keychain compatible it packs plenty of function along with high-end fashion.

Imagine handing your client a premium feeling, fully branded USB Flash Drive which also houses all the data you could need – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Plastic Travel USB Flash Drive

The Specs

Product Materials: Plastic
Dimensions: 74 x 20 x 8 mm
Colour Printing
Imprint Area:
37 x 12 mm Front Side
37 x 12 mm Back Side