From our awesome Wood series of Flash Drives allow me to introduce – Wood, Dark

Who picks this model?

Wooden Flash Drives have always been the photographers favourite and this Dark Wood model is no exception. Picture this – your name, number and website produced in a subtle, scripted font engraved on a natural clean finished wooden USB. Simply load the drives up with your best pics (all 1000 of them!) using our free Data Pre-loading service and you’re ready to go.

Of course, this is not just a photographers favourite. The Dark Wood model is championed by many, many others, from the ‘not-so’ corporate company to the newly married couple looking so send out the pics from their big day – in an extra special way.

How do they feel in your hand?

They’re made from Bamboo which is a relatively light material, however at a size of 68 x 28 x 10 mm the unit itself is fairly large. So overall we’re talking a medium/balanced weight for a Flash Drive.

What makes this Model different?

It’s made from Bamboo, a beautiful organic material that means each and every unit is just a little bit different. As the base unit itself is unique, the way your artwork turns out varies slightly too and this is because it lays across (or is cut through) slightly different shades of wood.

Now, this isn’t exactly a difference in the model itself but rather a trend from those who buy them. The average memory size our clients order across all models is currently 4GB (by next year it will likely be 8GB and to find out why check out our post on memory size here – Anyway back to the point, the average memory size ordered for this model is 16GB and there’s a good reason for this. Photo’s these days are large and as the pixel count on DSLRs continues to grow so does the size of the photo files.

The last word

This is a truly elegant model that provides a large printing or engraving area. Each unit is unique in its own right and for me, this puts the Dark Wood Flash Drive in the top ten models available (not that we’re biased!).

Dark Wood USB Flash Drive

The Specs

Product Materials: Wood

Dimensions: 68 x 28 x 10 mm

Colour Printing

Laser Engrave

Imprint Area: Front Side 36 x 26 mm

Reverse Side 36 x 26 mm