Wood Classic

Smooth organic wood and the most cost effective in it's category - it has to be the Wood Classic USB Flash Drive. Who picks this model? As with all our Wooden USB Flash Drive models we find these are most popular among photographers and the less “Corporate-style” business. They lend [...]

Wristband Classic

Premium rubber, practical cap-less design, awesome dual-functionality - it has to be the Classic Wristband USB Flash Drive. Who picks this model? This Wristband Flash Drive is a favourite for schools, universities and festivals as well as many others. What better way to promote your brand than by handing out [...]

Wood Twist

Smooth organic wood, practical cap-less design - it has to be the Wood Twist USB Flash Drive. Who picks this model? The Wood Twist USB Flash Drive is unsurprisingly one of our most popular models, combining the natural classy feel of wood with the practicality of a cap-less twister design. [...]

Business Card

An all-time favourite with an unparalleled printing/branding area – Business Card Centre Who picks this model? In general Business Card USB Flash Drives are on the more “corporate” side of the Flash Drive spectrum. A favourite for those in the financial sector, law firms and estate agents (among many others). [...]

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