Project USB Australia

We specialise in Custom Branded Flash Drives Personalised with your logo; printed, engraved or even embossed depending on what’s available for the particular model you choose.

Our huge range of over 1000 different customizable USB Memory Sticks comes in several different materials and styles, including; Wood, Metal, Plastic, Pen, Leather, Aluminium, Business Card, Wristband and Full Custom Mold.

Our experienced team here at Project USB will guide you all the way, starting with providing some of the most competitive prices across the entire globe.

First visit our site, then navigate to your preferred category after that simply select your favourite model or models.

When requesting a quote please remember to include as much information as possible and if you can provide the logo or artwork you would like branded on to the USB stick then that really gets things off to a great start.

Pricing is scaled based on the number of units ordered and is also set by the USB memory chip size, the model and finally the type of branding required.

For instance laser engraving and single colour screen printing are our lowest cost methods of branding.

Printing several spot colours will mean we need to create several screens for printing and this incurs an additional cost as well as taking extra time to produce.

For logos with gradient colours we have two special types of printing, one is full colour printing and this works on USB surfaces with a white background – similar to the printing from a regular printer. Another full colour printing method we have available is UV printing which can be done on any colour surface although works best on Wood or Plastic.

One of our most popular branding methods is laser engraving this can be done on our Aluminium, Metal and Wood USBs. It is particularly popular among photographers who often order laser engraved Wooden Flash Drives.

Finally we have embossing, this branding technique is available only for our Leather USB Flash Drive range and provides a really lovely effect.

One type of USB we haven’t discussed yet is the “Full Custom Mold” USB. What is that? I hear you ask.

It’s a memory stick case that is created from scratch and this is becoming a more and more popular type of promotional pen drive.

The process can take several weeks to get right and a lot of design work before anything goes into production. The designs can be based on something as simple as a photo of an object, this could be a car, boat, plane, bottle, banana, human, chair, logo, lamp shade – you get the point… it can be pretty much anything.

Once you’ve decided what you would like to base the USB stick on we’ll get to work on a digital design. The digital design can be revised again and again until you’re 100% happy with how the memory drive will look.

After we have the digital design finalised the next step is creating a new metal mold, it’s absolutely crucial the digital design is correct because once a metal mold has been created it cannot be edited the only way to change it is to create a new one from scratch.

The metal mold is then used to create the USB memory stick from a firm PVC rubber and if required the newly formed Flash Drive is printed or coloured as per the design specifications.

Start your Project USB journey today.